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Charrul Malik on World Sleep Day: We are all sleep deprive

Actress Charrul Malik says that having sound sleep at night is very important.

Mumbai, 20 March 2023 (UTN). Actress Charrul Malik says that having sound sleep at night is very important. However, she adds that this is not an easy thing to achieve.
“Nowadays people are career-oriented, they are constantly working hard and are always stressed out. So it gets difficult to get proper sleep. It happens with me as well. Sometimes, if I take a nap in the afternoon, I am unable to sleep at night. I never used to sleep in the afternoon but because of the schedule, I end up sleeping in the afternoons because I have to work at night.
I don’t think anyone sleeps for 8 hours straight without any issues. We all are sleep deprived,” she says. The actress adds that less sleep often leads to many problems. “I think I sleep for 5-6 hours. I can manage right now with that amount of sleep. But the after effects are not good. Right now, we are young, we won’t understand but once we turn 55-60 years old, we will understand this. We should sleep well and charge ourselves like we charge our phones. We have to take care of ourselves.” Talking about how you can sleep well, she says, “It is said that everyone should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep but I don’t think that happens.
Insomnia is very common. I think the baggage that you have in your mind, keep it aside. When you go to bed, meditate, drink lukewarm milk, all these things work. Nowadays, what I follow is massaging my feet with mustard oil and then wearing cotton loose socks. What happens is that when your feet are warm, this helps you sleep well. Also, a little walk will help you after dinner. I go to gym in the evening, because of which I get good sleep. And I would also suggest having a light dinner. Don’t have rice, tea after food, ice cream or cheese or dahi, these will lead to bloating. I think these all are the major reasons for not being able to have proper sleep.”
Mumbai-Reporter, (Hitesh Jain).

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