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Celebs urge people to control their screen time : World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day: Celebs urge people to control their screen time, sleep well to take good care of their mental and physical health

Mumbai, 20 March 2023 (UTN). World Sleep Day. The day celebrates the healthy habit of sleeping on time and well, the benefits of a good sleep, and throws light on the ailments that sleep disorders might lead to. In our fast-paced life, many of us are sleep deprived. Many try to manage with just four hours of sleep. Celebs talk on the issue, how much sleep a person should get every night and share tips for getting a good night’s sleep.
Simaran Kaur :
Yes, I agree, all of us are sleep deprived. I wonder how people function with 4 hours of sleep. Although every person is different, I need at least 5 to 6 hours of sleep each night. That should give me enough energy to get through the day. I think getting up early is important as well because it gives me time to connect with myself and find inner calmness. I like to read occasionally or listen to soothing music. I don’t use my phone while I’m sleeping to avoid distractions.
Aniruddh Dave : 
I make sure that I get at least 6 hours of sleep each night. Not only does getting enough sleep improve mood, but it also helps the body and mind to heal. Your performance will be better no matter what you are doing if you rest both mentally and physically. When you get ready for bed, knowing that you gave your all that day and worked hard to the best of your skills makes you feel good.
Adaa Khan : 
In the industry that we are in, the sleep cycles actually go for a toss.  So, it can be quite challenging for actors to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule. If I’m home, I try to go to bed on time. But I am aware of the significance of proper sleep for both your physical and emotional well-being. 30–40 minutes before bedtime, I make an effort to put my phone and social media aside. In addition, before going to bed, I enjoy taking a shower, and have some time where I look back at how my day was spent. I also do some meditation to calm my mind, body, and soul. It has been quite helpful to me.
Sheeba Akashdeep Sabir :
People are sleep deprived because other than working and stress, they are so involved with their gadgets, social media, and OTT platforms that there’s too much going on for a brain. I need a full night’s sleep. So I try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep at the minimum and many manage with much less. They function absolutely okay, they are energetic and their health is fine but I guess not everything works for everyone.
People should get at least 6 hours of sleep if not more. It is very important for your cognitive health to be able to reboot and repair when you sleep. Insomnia is extremely common and 80% of people that you meet are fighting to just sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is a combination of factors: having a stress-free life, meditating, getting some exercise, and being happy and surrounded by your loved ones. Having a good social life really counts as that also helps you to relax.
Subuhii Joshii :
As important as waking up on time is, going to bed on time is also important. As your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to recuperate, I always make sure to get that amount because you will be unable to do anything unless and until you get enough sleep. Sleeping well is extremely important. After relieving your stress and letting your body unwind, you can start the next day with enthusiasm and energy. I take a shower to keep my body hydrated before I go to bed and I generally avoid gadgets.
Nikhil Nanda : 
Every cell in our body is rejuvenated by sound sleep. By sleeping for 6 to 7 hours, I aim to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Yet with our busy schedule, it’s really challenging. Your health, your ability to wake up feeling energised, and the functioning of your body all depend on getting enough sleep. Before I go to sleep, I make an effort to avoid using my phone. Also I don’t watch any TV shows, movies, or series, nor do I listen to the news before I go to bed. Rather I simply relax and practise meditation.
Akash Sharma :
In today’s scenario, we are sleep deprived. The world has become so competitive with each other, with a lot of dissatisfaction at any levels of achievement that at the end of day when we go to sleep, still our brain is not at rest. It starts preparing for the coming day. I try to sleep normally for 6- 7 hours, but I am also a part of the same cycle. The people who manage to get 4 hours of sound sleep are the ones who have peace within, they normally live a disciplined satisfying life. Each night a person should have at least 7 hours of sleep.
Insomnia has become so common nowadays. It takes a toll on our health. To lead a healthy life, good sleep is a must. But running after good lifestyles, competitiveness, to get more in less time, we are losing grip on our health, sleep, peace, etc. For good sleep, first is meditation which helps in cooling down our brain, and stops that chaos inside us. Secondly, we need to do good, healthy reading instead of being on our phones. I try to go to bed on time after a warm bath, dim the light in my room, switch on soothing music and keep my phone away.
Mitaali Nag :
The sleep cycle has been messed up by Lockdown. But now that everyone seems to be recovering, I believe that sleeping on time is essential because, similar to how a phone battery charges while we sleep, our bodies and brains do as well. It is recommended to get about 7-8 hours of sleep every night. But, it’s best if your sleep is disrupted for 6-7 hours.  And those who have trouble falling asleep or staying up all night are depressed and unhappy; however, if you get a good night’s sleep, you feel rejuvenated, smile more, and spread positivity. Good, fruitful work schedules help me get peaceful sleep at night.
Sneha Namanandi :
I have to get at least six hours of sleep each night. The secret to good health is enough sleep. A good night’s sleep gives you the clarity and energy you need to perform properly the next day.  I find that taking a hot bath, massaging my feet, and reading a nice book help me sleep better.
Mumbai-Reporter, (Hitesh Jain).

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