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Swarnim Neema: Dance comes naturally to me

Child actor Swarnim Neema has already proved his acting prowess in the mythological show Shiv Shakti:

Mumbai, 07 March 2024 (UTN). Child actor Swarnim Neema has already proved his acting prowess in the mythological show Shiv Shakti: Tap Tyaag Taandav. However, his Instagram pade is testimony to the fact that he is a fabulous dancer as well. Talking about how his dancing journey began, he says, “When I was 5 years old, I performed a Shiv Stuti and played the lead role of Shiv in a local Indore dance competition, which I won. At the age of nine, I participated in a school competition where I performed Ganesh Vandana and also took part in a Radha Krishna Dance, winning the first prize in both.
I portrayed the lead characters of Ganesh and Krishna in those performances as well. There was no looking back after these victories; I knew dance was my calling.” Ask him if he has trained in dancing, and he says, “I did take training, but that was only for four months. I think dance is inbuilt in me and, right from the beginning, dance has come very naturally to me. I love to dance, and so I choreograph myself as well. At times, I take help from my brother, who is also a fabulous dancer.” The fact that he doesn’t have dancing sequences in Shiv Shakti, does not bother him, says the actor, adding, “For me, there is no relationship between dance and any kind of show, be it a mythological show.
Or a regular one, because they both are different topics. But whenever I get time, I make reels of every current Bollywood song, and post it on social media. Whenever I get a little time between my shoots of Shiv Shakti, I use it to make dance reels.” Ask him who is his favourite dancer in Bollywood, and prompt comes the reply, “Hrithik Roshan! He is my favourite dancer because of the perfection he displays in his steps and expression. Everything is amazing. No one can match his level. He is very dashing, iconic and good looking. I get a lot of inspiration from him and sometimes I get comments as well that I look like Hrithik Roshan when I dance.”
Meanwhile, his Insta fans love the reels he puts up. “I have got some very amazing responses for my dance. I get so many good comments like, ‘excellent’, ‘wow’, ‘amazing’, and these fill me with joy. Many times, I have gotten standing ovations and awards as well. I want to do a dance-based-reality show, and I will take it up in a jiffy as soon as it is offered to me. I auditioned for Sabse Badha Kalakar, where I performed a number where I mixed dance with acting and I got selected for the show. There would be nothing better than the chance to take my dancing skills to a different level. I will do it for sure,” he says.
Mumbai-Reporter, (Hitesh Jain).

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