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Rinku success with her first show ‘Durgesh Nandini’

Rinku Ghosh I remember I used to work for 18-20 hours during Durgesh Nandini, but now work pressure has reduced, things are more organised.

Mumbai, 30 November 2023 (UTN). Rinku Ghosh tasted success with her first show ‘Durgesh Nandini’. She then tried her hand at comedy with the show ‘Mrs. Pammi Pyaare Lal’ and later went on to do more shows in different genres. She was recently seen in ‘Junooniyat.’ While people loved her in comedy, she did not try her hand in the genre much. Mrs Pammi Pyarelal was the last show I did before my marriage. I took a sabbatical for 6 years as I had shifted to Muscat. After I came back to India, Junooniyat was my first Daily show. I guess that’s the reason why I didn’t do much comedy, now that I’m here you might see me . And let me tell you I’m fairly good at comedy too.
Comedy is always loved by everyone. My father’s favourite channel is Sab Tv, he watches all the serials in that. So if given an opportunity you might see me doing some comedy. “The scenario is the same for comedy or a daily show. In comedy a lot depends on timing, equations between co-actors, there is a very light environment on set as that’s the mood of the scenes. Whereas in daily shows sometimes it gets a little exhausting doing emotional or heavy scenes,” she says. One wonders if it is difficult for actors who have a varied body of work like her to get the right role. While some opine that it is true, Rinku shares, “Things are changing, we are seeing a lot of old gems back on screen.
There is a lot of good work around for actors like me. The industry has also changed over the years. The first change that I see now is that we pack up on time. I remember I used to work for 18, 20 hours during Durgesh Nandini. Work pressure has reduced. Things are more organised now.Rinku is quite popular in the Bhojpuri film industry. “Bhojpuri cinema has made a big contribution in my career. It will always be a part of me,” she adds.Ask why  she is not active on social media? “I have always been media shy.
My PR was always bad. Initially I didn’t understand all these social media things. I was never active on social media nor that I’m regular now. It’s been given too much importance I feel. It really hurts when sometimes my work or popularity is judged by followers I have on social media. When some casting directors ask how many followers I have on social media, I don’t understand the question. I might now not have followers like many social media influencers but does that mean I’m not a good actor, or does that challenge my experience of the last 20 years? No. I’m an actor not an influencer. Let social media be for personal growth,” she ends.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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