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Junooniyat actor Neha Rana praises actor-producer duo Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta

Mumbai-Reporter, ( Hitesh Jain ). Neha Rana is seen as Elahi in Junooniyat is being praised. This musical TV show is by Sargun Mehta and Ravie Dubey’s Dreamiyata Production also stars Ankit Gupta and Gautam Singh Vig in leading roles. There is a lot of buzz around the show, the title of which has been composed by famous Bollywood musician duo Salim-Sulaiman. The actor says the show has everything that makes it a special experience.“I love listening to music. Who doesn’t.
The most exciting aspect for me is that I enjoy exploring various musical genres and that’s what I did as part of the prep for the role of Elahi. Determined to lend authenticity to my portrayal, I watched numerous documentaries and videos to get under the skin of my character and learnt to play instruments. It was a wonderful way of stepping into the world of the show. Junooniyat means so much to me,” she says.Her onscreen avatar, Elahi is a classically trained singer. “She is a 22-year-old girl, who dreams about becoming a rockstar.
This dream is a personal conquest that helps her nurse the wound caused by her mother’s abandonment during her childhood. She was raised by her grandmother and her father,” she adds. As someone who listens to music 24X7, Neha relates to the love Elahi has for art. “I seek serenity and solace in music just like Elahi. The part that I’m playing resonates with me on many levels. I think as a viewer, I would love to see the journey of Elahi, who is determined to make her dreams come true, while she’s dealing with trauma,” she says.
This is the first time Neha has worked with team Dreamiyata. “I got this opportunity because of people who are so creative and loving that they decided to give me a chance. And they are none other than Ravie sir and Sargun ma’am. I am very grateful to have got this chance to work with them. I didn’t expect to be offered the main character after only three shows. I’m thankful that I got a role that highlights my calibre as an actor. The other reason that I said yes to the show is that the storyline enraptured me during the first narration,” she shares.
The show is being shot in Chandigarh. Being from Ludhiana, when she got to know that she will be staying in Chandigarh to shoot for the next one year or so, the actor got excited.
“Being able to live near home and work, and being able to meet my parents whenever I want makes it all the more special. The set feels like home anyway,” she smiles.“It kind of strikes the excitement in my brain that I’ll be going back to my hometown and meeting my parents and it feels like home.
About the changes that she has seen in the industry, Neha adds, “I think this industry has given me a lot in the last 5 years, lots in terms of experiences, learning and opportunities. I am grateful that I have learnt so much and that is the reason why I didn’t stop. And I’ll make sure that all my dreams come true. Secondly, it’s too soon to comment on the experiences whether it’s good or bad, but now that I work in this industry it feels like I am living my dream and everyone is so supportive here.”
Mumbai-Reporter, ( Hitesh Jain ).

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