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Kashika Kapoor takes us down to her early days and how her debut film AGMP is her lucky charm

I had to face a lot of hardships in my intial days, but i am grateful for the journey and for where i have reached", says actress Kashika Kapoor on bagging a debut lead role in AGMP

Mumbai, 16 March 2023 (UTN). Kashika Kapoor is one of the most talented actresses that the Bollywood industry has been blessed with. This rising superstar has already secured a place for herself in the hearts of the audience before making it big on the Bollywood screens. The actress has been very fortunate enough to all her fans have always showered her with so much love. Lets us take you down memory lane where actress Kashika Kapoor takes us to the early days of her acting career and now to making it big in Bollywood with her debut film Ayushmati Geeta Matric Pass.
“Initially, I was kind of overworking also because I wanted to achieve everything, good roles, success in any role that I was doing, and love for my characters. I started doing everything, but later when I started doing music videos one after the other and post that I made my OOT debut with Voot the vibe hunters and then received so much love from my audience I realized that it’s not always about everything you want but it’s about how you want and how you want to showcase it. Eventually, after achieving all that, I realized my drive had changed.” She saidKashika further went on to say.
“The journey hasn’t been very easy for me and still isn’t, but it was a smooth process in my mind because I decided that I want to get into this industry I had to face a lot of hardships and difficulties, But if I look back from where it all had started to where I have reached till now I am grateful for that”. “The best thing for me is to challenge myself as an actor and every project personally enhances me as an actor I feel AGMP my debut film is a big game changer for me because it has so much to offer the audience the graph, the characters, the emotions and apart from all that, it is my big Bollywood debut, which.
I am fulfilling just with my hard work and my audience will see a new me just at the age of 21. After all, the journey has been truly incredible, and it is only the beginning. Kyuki ‘Asli picture toh abhi baaki hai And one thing is that no matter what you go through always keep a smile as the journey planned for you is beautiful and many people are looking up to you, so enjoy the process and the journey”. The journey of Kashika is really very inspiring because at such an early age making a name for herself in the tinsel town isn’t an easy journey. But our talented actress is turning out to be a big inspiration for everyone.
Mumbai-Repoter, (Hitesh Jain).

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