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Kapil Khadiwala: Bollywood is difficult, here everyone has a perception about actors

Indian super model and the only one from Indore, Kapil Khadiwala is a winner of World Book of Records.

Mumbai, 01 April 2023 (UTN). Indian super model and the only one from Indore, Kapil Khadiwala is a winner of World Book of Records. He has also done many commercials for big B Lux Cozy, ICICI bank, Roca bathtub, Raymond, Excalibur and over ten music videos which includes. The actor also made his Bollywood debut with A Game Called Relationship, directed by Vivek Sharma of Bhoothnath fame. Last year, he did the comedy web series titled Ashaleen and his second Hindi film Love Taxi, where he is going to play a villain, will be released soon.
Happy with his body of work, Kapil is keen on doing more interesting characters and projects. He talks about his background, work and more. “I belong to a political family. My granddad, Shri Kanhiyalal Khadiwala, was the first Member of Parliament from Indore, my dad is a businessman and my brothers are both into politics and business. We have a construction business and petrol pumps. My learning from my career is that you have to just do your work at hand, finish it and then move on to the next.
That’s the only process to follow,” says the business management graduate While he was always creative, it was his mother who has always supported her. “It was my mom’s dream that I should get into modelling. Acting was the natural progression. If I had not become an actor, I would have been into active politics because that’s what everyone in the house has been doing and I would have probably followed the trend,” he adds. Talking about his film A Game Called Relationship, he shares that he knew the director and the fact that he was looking for someone for the project.
“[Vivek Sharma] thought I was the perfect choice and then the film happened to me. The film released in theatres a month before Covid happened so I could not immediately look for more films,” he says. Every outsider trying his luck in Bollywood needs to struggle. “Bollywood is very difficult to penetrate. Here everyone has a perception about actors; it’s easy for the industry kids to get in but not for us outsiders. This is why I am conscious in the way I conduct myself here and as an actor don’t have a future plan, rather I want to explore every opportunity and go with the flow.
I also have this hope that I am going to make it and that hope is the power for me,” he adds. Ask about his plans when it comes to TV, especially if he would do a reality show like Bigg Boss and he adds, “Yes, I would love to be a part of shows like Bigg boss and Khatron Ke Khiladi because it gives you direct connection with the audience.” He also wants to do more work on OTT. Multiple platforms are coming up. “Yes, OTT platforms have increased the opportunity. Also, the varied content from different parts of the world available here has been a boon for the audience.
I would also like to do more work in the space,” says Kapil, who is interested in fitness. The 6.4 ft tall actor-model is also a fitness influencer.  Speaking on his height, he shares, “My height never gave me any problem in fact I think it’s a plus point. This is the reason why I always get noticed (smiles).” Life in a metro city like Mumbai can be difficult. “Life in a metro city is different, less emotions, more practicality. But once you are used to Mumbai it’s different to stay anywhere else in the world,” he declares.
Mumbai-Reporter, ( Hitesh Jain ).

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