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International Women’s Day: Celebs say a woman must be celebrated every day

celebrated globally as International Women’s Day has a huge significance.

Mumbai, 09 March 2023 (UTN). March 8 celebrated globally as International Women’s Day has a huge significance. The day recognises and celebrates the contribution of the female force in our lives and society. Female force of the industry speaks on the significance of the occasion, and what the day means to them.

Charrul Malik : I think everyday should be celebrated as Women’s Day. Of course I celebrate it every day. But this day is special because on this day all my close people, who are women, who I admire and appreciate a lot, I celebrate with them. It’s a big day. In a way every day is our day but I am glad we have a special day to celebrate the women-kind.

This year I have some plans to go to events where I have got special invites, and if I’ll have my shot I will continue doing that. I celebrate womanhood by giving, appreciating, encouraging, motivating, spreading positive vibes, forgiving people and loving each and every second of my life.

Arushi Nishank : Women’s Day is important for me. I believe  we should celebrate womanhood every single day. We are the ones who run the whole life cycle, so we must cherish ourselves first. Every year we visit an orphanage for young girls and spend the day with them, this time too we will do the same. It is said that women-kind is God’s best creation. I am a supporter of gender equality.
Seeing women are doing better than men at the office makes me happy not because the male counterparts are failing to do well but the female workers are doing good. When there is no comparison or inequality at the workplace, it makes me believe that we as a generation have evolved and now understand women don’t just belong in the kitchen.
Hansa Singh :  For me, every day is women’s day. But yes, I do see how the world celebrates the day and it makes me happy. I have no special plans for the day because as I said, being a woman I celebrate myself every day. Women are special. They have love, compassion and empathy. Even God can’t do without women.
So being a woman is all about giving that love to yourself that empowers you. Women give birth, they have the power to create. Without a womb no procreation is possible. So being a woman I feel proud. What also makes me happy is the love I get from my fans. Their compliments make me smile.
Sneha Namanandi : Women’s Day is a day to appreciate the accomplishments and sacrifices a woman makes in her life. I celebrate being a woman everyday and pamper myself by doing small things like buying a good cup of coffee that I love, buying makeup, going shopping etc. Rather than trying to fit a woman into a man’s world, we must create a world where the masculine and feminine have an equal role to play. I believe it’s a privilege to be a woman, it’s a privilege to be born out of a woman and have the power to bear a child.
Ekta Sharma :  I feel everyday is a women’s day, and I am proud that there is a specific day for us to celebrate womanhood. I’m proud to be a woman because we are strong and play all the roles of our lives, be it as a daughter, mother, wife, sister or girlfriend, perfectly. I feel there is a mother in every woman. Being a mother myself, I remember when I became one I felt important and complete.
Mitaali Nag : A woman should be celebrated every day. But this special day is celebrated globally and it signifies the achievements of women across fields. It also helps in bringing attention to issues revolving around women like gender equality, violence against them, etc. We do celebrate women’s day. My husband always makes sure that he gets me flowers and takes me out. And now my son is also in his team.
It feels wonderful to be treated so special. I celebrate womanhood by embracing my femininity. I don’t believe in being the man of the house and all that. I let my man handle things and situations that look good on him. Being a woman I can handle and take care of so much, and don’t expect to be labelled as the man of the house. I always appreciate, promote and sometimes even celebrate the work of my female colleagues.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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