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Arjun Bijlani: I’ve made a conscious effort to work hard, and I think because of that I’m relevant

Arjun Bijlani as the co-host of Splitsvilla 14 has been getting a lot of appreciation.

Mumbai, 12 March 2023 (UTN). Arjun Bijlani as the co-host of Splitsvilla 14 has been getting a lot of appreciation. The actor is enjoying all the love and positivity being showered on him. He talks about taking up this popular youth-based reality show. “The best compliment any host could get is that he connects with the audience without any effort. It is my first season as a host and I think that’s the best compliment because.
I have connected with the audience and most importantly with my co-anchor (Sunny Leone) and the contestants. The important thing is when you’re a host of a show like Splitsvilla, people look up to you and your advice, I am trying to live up to that. For me, being a part of the industry for such a long time getting this kind of love and respect from the people and my contestants is truly touching.
I enjoyed every aspect of Splitsvilla,” says the actor, before he speaks about his career graph so far. Arjun is loving every bit of this journey. “Every actor wants everyone who understands what is entertainment, media, and all to love him. I am no different. And, I love the kind of work I have done not only for youngsters but also for senior citizens and people in between 30 and 50 age group. I have people from every age group who have appreciated my work and I thank God every day for it,” he smiles.
Staying relevant is also something that the actor is ace at. “I have made a conscious effort to work hard, and I think because of that I’m relevant. You just keep working hard and try to do better things and hope that with every passing day, better things happen to you and that only happens when you’re positive. Working towards the goal is what drives me. Sometimes what you want comes late but the only way to achieve it is to stay at it. In the bargain, I have also been relevant,” he explains.
Apart from TV, films, and the web, Arjun has done a couple of music videos where people have loved his work too. These were mostly romantic songs.  “Well I think love always works and if you love with passion, and when you love somebody passionately it always touches many hearts. I think that’s what has happened with these music videos. I play my character, you hardly have time like 3-4 minutes in a song, so you passionately play your character and that’s why it connects with the audience” he adds.
About the kind of work that he is looking forward to, Arjun says, “I want to play different characters. Definitely being an actor, I want to portray more and more parts. I probably want to do films and OTT a little more at this phase of my career. I want to do everything that as an actor I can explore. I can be a part of a story and be a part of storytelling by playing characters that connect with the audience to the best of my ability. I’m meeting people and looking forward to surprising myself as well as the viewers.”
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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