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Anagha Nimbkar on International Women’s Day: I’ve been taught by the women in my family to face challenges

celebrated globally as International Women’s Day has a huge significance.

Mumbai, 10 March 2023 (UTN). celebrated globally as International Women’s Day has a huge significance. The day recognises and celebrates the contribution of the female force in our lives and society. Celebrity Matrimony Lawyer Anagha Nimbkar speaks on the significance of the occasion, and what the day means to her.“Can you imagine a day without a woman in your life? Be it your mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend, sister, friend, etc. you are always surrounded by women.
For me every day is women’s day. While I honour and appreciate women in my life every day of the year, on  March 8 particularly I am humbly grateful and bow down to my mother who brought me into this world, raised me and my late mother-in-law who was my pillar and is a major reason why I have been able to make a name for myself as an advocate. I tip my hat to all those beautiful, strong and supportive women in my life who have shaped my life so perfectly.
This day also makes me feel gratitude towards my son, who made me feel complete by giving me the joy of motherhood. So yes I do celebrate women’s day this way. This year I am travelling for both work and leisure and on March 8, a beloved friend of mine will be joining me to celebrate International Women’s Day,” she says. Anagha advocates celebrating womanhood every day. “As women we raise each other up, we support each other, we become the woman not just behind a successful man but also a successful woman.
I try my best to do that whenever I can,” she shares. On who or what makes her feel most important as a woman, she shares a few life lessons that helped her evolve. “I have always been taught by the women in my family how to face every challenge with grace and a humble smile across my face. So no matter the task at hand, even though I may be a bit befuddled or taken aback so as to how I will face it, I will always make sure that I maintain my grace, dignity and smile. It also helps your family and friends, who are maybe relying upon you in that particular situation to feel secure and reassured.
What makes me feel important as women are the ideologies of strength that have been passed on to us through ages and that is we will face everything, irrespective of the consequences, and we will do it with warmth and reassurance,” she explains. On whether she thinks a day to celebrate womanhood is necessary, while men do also have a day but are not much remembered, Anagha explains her point of view.“While I am an advocate for gender equality, and I believe that every creature of god is incomplete without the acknowledgment and grace of others.
I feel that International Women’s Day is to honour the struggle of those women who have sacrificed greatly for their rights. While now we are seeing more equality for all sorts of adaptation around us, earlier, it was a man’s world. Women have fought, struggled, sacrificed a great deal just to be able to match shoulder to shoulder with a man, to be heard and to be acknowledged as a person who has her own decisions/opinions. This day is to commemorate that. And why people do not remember men’s day is a question we all need to ask ourselves. I feel everyone is equal and must be equally celebrated without hushing the voice and existence of another,” she ends.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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