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Meena Mir opens up about her role in Dahej Daasi

Actress Meena Mir, who plays the role of Pushpa Mausi in Dahej Daasi, says that it was her character that prompted her to be part of the show.

Mumbai, 03 March 2024 (UTN). Actress Meena Mir, who plays the role of Pushpa Mausi in Dahej Daasi, says that it was her character that prompted her to be part of the show. The actress is very confident that the audience will love the show. Produced by Do Dooni 4 Films’ Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat, the show talks about the dowry being a social evil. “Indeed, the title is truly unique, and it reflects a bitter truth of society, that of turning a girl into a servant by the means of dowry, thus distancing her from her dreams and aspirations,” she says.

She adds, “My character stands out from what I’ve done on TV so far. From adopting a Rajasthani look, to understanding the customs there, my character believes that making a girl, a servant, through dowry is a part of society’s norms. It has been a wonderful experience, being a part of such a remarkable story. I’ve received immense appreciation from the team, but it’s still less compared to the wonderful experience I’ve had.” She is confident that the audience will love her character as well. “The audience will relate to it as situations and times change, but to some extent, the thought remains the same: finding a servant girl to serve in any capacity.

My character reflects this reality in the show, which will resonate with the audience.” Talking about how she prepared for the show. “I listened to the story from Raghuvir Sir and then formed an image of the character in my mind – how she speaks, reacts, and can go to any extent to fulfil her desires. I prepared mentally and made an effort to do my job well,” she says. She adds, “Carrying the elaborate Rajasthani attire while staying focused on my acting was challenging at first, but I managed to handle it from the second day onwards. When I was told about the role, I thought it was okay, but when Raghuvir Sir narrated it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m happy to have had the opportunity to work with Raghuvir Sir and Gautam Sir, who guided the character in the right direction.”
The show talks about what happens in real life, and this is what is loved by everyone, she says. “Realistic content is relatable because it reflects societal changes and traditions, like our show depicting the issue of dowry servitude. While times change, certain aspects remain the same, and my character demonstrates how some women still serve in various capacities,” Talking about working with Do Dooni Char Films, she says, “It was a fantastic experience. Both of them are lovely individuals, and I learned a lot from their years of experience.

Their way of working with the entire team, treating them like family, is rare. I’m glad that I got the chance to work with both of them and learn something new. I hope this collaboration continues.” She adds, “I hope this show finds a place in people’s hearts because although it’s a story from the past, it presents it in a new light. Every character has its own flavour, which will resonate with audiences because inner emotions are universal. While society changes externally, there are still some remnants of the past, which this show will reflect, showing society a girl’s story in the mirror.”

Mumbai-Reporter, (Hitesh Jain).

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