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Shama Sikander Opens up About Starting off the Year 2023

Mumbai, 13 January 2023 (UTN). When you are travelling you don’t think about work or other problems that are usually bothering you and it gives you a clear head. Taking your mind off things and  giving you a new outlook to things that you might be perceiving in a certain way, a vacation has become the new way of bringing in a new year. Many Bollywood celebrities have taken time off during this beautiful holiday season and ticked off places from their travel bucket lists.
The hottest couple in town, Shama Sikander and husband James Milliron  embarked on a vacation in Thailand to welcome the new year 2023 sipping on drinks and chilling by the beaches. Talking about her trip and the destination she indulges, “I am a nature lover and it gives me peace of mind to just take a walk along a beach or a park. The break really helped me clear my mind and made me feel fresher.
Thailand is called “the land of smiles“, and really lives up to that expression as the people are extremely friendly and welcomingits breathtaking beauty, majestic temples, streets filled with stories, and untainted history are overwhelming and add to the charm of the place.”Shedding light on why she thinks taking on the new year with a trip around the world with her beloved husband was a great idea indeed, she says.
“I have the most fun when I am travelling with James with him I can be myself and we will just paint the town red with all the fun that we have. A vacation anywhere in any country is much better when I am with him. He is much more adventurous than I am so he takes me on exploring the place that we are at and trying on local cuisines etc. We had a beautiful New Years Eve party and bringing in the new year with James beside me was the most special thing.”
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ). 

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