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Koraput Girl won Gold Medal in Power lifting Competition at Bhubaneswar

Koraput, 25 August 2022 (UTN). Koraput girl won gold medal in power lifting and brought glory to her family and district by winning gold medal in state weight lifting competition. The state competition was held in the capital Bhubaneswar. Baibhavi’s family is in a wave of joy as she has won a medal in her first state-level competition.
Baibhavi’s father Vishwanath Naik is both as a former weightlifter and lawyer. He is overjoyed with his daughter’s success. Vishwanath Nayak also won a medal in the national level weightlifting competition. Later his son also achieved this feat. Now the family is continuing the sports tradition with the success of the daughter.
The girl’s success has created a frenzy in the family. Baibhavi’s mother Gitarani said, “Daughter and son have created a new chapter for the district and the family by achieving success in weight lifting. I hope she continue this trend in the future. While the father encourages his son and daughter in the field of sports, it is expected that the daughter will win more awards than her father and name the family and the country.
Koraput-Reporter, (Trinath Patnaik).

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