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Shreya Kulkarni talks about 75th independence day

Mumbai, 18th August 2022 (UTN). This is our 75 years of independence that we all are celebrating. Shreya Kulkarni says “let us remember that it also means, let us be free from all the age-old ideas and orthodox beliefs that reside in our minds. We should not be tied down with these chains. On the 75th year of independence, we should remember that we should progress mentally as well. For me, independence means: to be liberated from all these age-old, stagnant ideas.
Shreya also says that let us be free from all the burdens that we carry on behalf of one another. Shreya celebrates independence by respecting Mr.Narendra Modi’s “Har ghar tiranga” abhiyaan. Shreya kulkarni has hoisted the Indian flag on her terrace. Shreya has shared her photo with flag with the respect that she ows for this country. Shreya says “As we know, India eventually came to be established as a secular, democratic republic. Personally, for me, I believe that the truest sense of Independence Day
goes much, much beyond just changing display pictures, or involving/including the tricolour as an essence in everyday things around us, for a day. I believe that unless we value humanity, each and every battle that we have won will eventually be lost. Ironically, after 75 years of having freed ourselves from the clutches of colonialism, India today is still fraught with so much hate and violence. I believe that we only honour our nation as much as we honour each and every individual, irrespective of their caste creed, gender, and faith.
Mumbai-Reporter, (Hitesh Jain).

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