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Aanya Rawal Beyond Dreams was beyond my dreams till I got the opportunity to work

Mumbai, 18th August 2022 (UTN). Aanya Rawal is excited to be a part of Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik’s new fiction Channa Mereya. She plays the role of Dimpy Grewal in the romantic drama. Channa Mereya is not just two words but a beautiful emotion that everybody will connect with. This show is actually Channa Mereya for me as well. I feel this is a beautiful title and is totally appropriate for this show. The cast and crew have been putting in all their efforts to make this show work.
I just hope that the audience would enjoy watching it,” she says. Aanya’s character Dimpy is a 13-year-old simple girl. ”She is emotional and cares for her siblings. Although her family is poor, she doesn’t complain about it, but stays happy and positive as much as possible. The major difference that I find between me and Dimpy is that she’s an ideal girl who is always studying and that’s definitely not the case with me. The funniest part was that she did paeri pauna to her mummy in a scene before going to school and that’s not like me,” she smiles.
The exciting promos of Channa Mereya have become the talk of the town. “If I forget that I’m a part of the show and look at the promo as a viewer, I too shall fall in love with it. I think it was heart-touching and good enough to make anybody cry. The show has started getting a lot of appreciation even before its launch. The promo is proof that this show is even more beautiful,” she adds. Channa Mereya has an ensemble star cast. “I’m new to the TV industry and it’s just been 3 months that I’ve come to Bombay and started acting and.
I have got this show, so I am very excited. Everybody is patient and nice to me. The show has two directors, Rahib sir, Akhilesh Sir as well as two assistant directors who are really supportive. Meet ma’am, whose creativity keeps on explaining to me the emotions and expressing my character. As far as actors are concerned, Karan Wahi bhaiya is very humorous. I rarely have scenes with him while Niyati Didi(Niyati Fatnani) is just like an elder sister to me. It’s fun when my onscreen family treats me like a real family.
I have been making a lot of reels with some of my co-stars on set whenever I’m free,” she says. Showering praises on the Patnaiks and Beyond Dreams team, she calls them amazing. “Beyond Dreams was definitely beyond my dreams till this show happened, I feel blessed. Honestly, I have heard of their shows like Ishq Mein Marjawaan, Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi from my classmates. But I really didn’t know the production house’s name. As soon as I got an email from the show after my audition got shortlisted. I came to know about them and got super excited.
The first thought was that if they were making the show, it would be a hit no matter what. I haven’t met Yash sir but have just seen him when we had the pooja on the set and have met Mamta ma’am. Meeting her for the first time was a fan moment for me,” she adds. Unique stories always attract audiences. And, Beyond Dreams have mastered this art of making shows that have simple narrative yet are unique and relatable. “That’s why Beyond Dreams is Beyond Dreams. Every day, we see how focused they are on their story when the Creatives keep on making the relevant changes in the story wherever required.
The show is really dramatic and emotional too, which the audience would love. The story is beautiful and would touch every heart,” she predicts. Many opine that daily soaps will always have an audience no matter what. “Absolutely, daily soaps will always have an audience. People can’t get over enjoying the dramatic content on TV, especially the seniors in the family. TV provides wholesome entertainment to the family and caters to all age groups. There is something about this medium that reaches the length and breadth of the country,” she ends.
Mumbai-Reporter, (Hitesh Jain).

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