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Vijay Kalvan: If an artist gets entangled in the pressure of competition

Mumbai, 14 August 2022 (UTN). Competition must be looked at in a healthy way, says actor Vijay Kalvani. The actor adds that the love of the viewers should be the prime focus.
“In front of the camera, every performer is an actor. It’s the love of the audience that makes an actor a star. You can’t skip competition. One has to work towards creating a unique identity and it is a long process. If an artist gets entangled in the pressure of competition.
The opportunity of being different gets diluted and one becomes a part of never ending competition. Having said this, one has to be a part of that competition until he/she has had enough opportunity to create a unique image,” he says. Talking about the number of avenues today, the actor says, “There are so many opportunities today. As you mentioned, TV, OTT, movies, short films and even creating your own content is a big opportunity today.
One has to keep working towards something. We as actors work as freelancers and we chose to work this way. We need to keep trying to open new doors everyday.” Personal equations also matter a lot in this industry, says Vijay, adding, “It’s your work that creates those references and personal equations. However big a person you are, one has to be good at his/her job to keep getting work repeatedly. So yes, references and personal equations do play a big part.”
Patience is crucial in the industry, says the actor. “Life management is a skill each one of us has to learn. An actor has to work towards creating different means within the industry or outside the industry. If one is adamant to work only within the industry one should be flexible to take up different kinds of work. If you are not getting a show, focus on episodic shows in the meanwhile. Try for roles in OTT, movies, advertisements. One has to be ready to put in that amount of hard work.”
Mumbai-Reporter, (Hitesh Jain).

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