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Celebrities galore at Jiya M book “Raven Redwood and the Six Wonders” reading session

Mumbai, 11 August 2022 (UTN). The book reading session of Jiya M’s Raven Redwood and the Six Wonders at the Granth Book Store, Juhu, ended on a successful note. The event was graced by celebrities such as Tannaz Irani, Sheena Chohan, Munisha Khatwani, Puja Bannerjee, Manali Jagtap, and Vandana Sajnani. At the event, the 16-year-old author of the fantasy fiction, mystery, and adventure novel, spoke about her creation, Raven Redwood, and what made her pen down such a story.
Before the session commences, Jiya gave a sneak peek into the story by sharing the plot brief. “Raven Redwood is a 12-year-old girl who discovers that she is an extraordinary girl with superpowers, and she chooses to defeat The Threat, the villain of her world. After an unexpected turn of events, Raven finds herself in the middle of an adventure. Will she defeat The Threat, or will The Threat destroy her entire world? To know more you will have to read the book, and hopefully you will enjoy being a part of Raven’s adventures,” she said.
The two-hour-long event saw the audience present listening to the story reading with rapt attention. Many even asked questions and congratulated the author for writing such a beautiful narrative. Celebs present also had nice things to say about Jiya. “I had a wonderful time reading excerpts from my debut novel Raven Redwood and the Six Wonders today. The audience has been patient and kind with their words of appreciation, which has been encouraging.
I feel overwhelmed,” smiled the Mumbai based author before adding, “Looking back, I started writing stories, poems and songs at the age of 7 years old. And, I enjoyed doing it more than anything in the world. I still write them but now I’m more focused on writing novels. Raven Redwood… is my first novel. It took me about six months to write this one. My love for the fantasy fiction genre led to this series. There will be a second book coming soon.
Tannaz Irani began by praising the story and Jiya’s style. “I have always been fond of genres like fantasy, adventure, magic and so on. So, Raven Redwood had me hooked, more so with the way Jiya has written this story. It’s an exciting read, don’t think one will be able to stop without finishing the book. I enjoyed the reading session today and would highly recommend this book for children,” she added.
Published by Shree Book Centre, one of India’s biggest publishing houses, Raven Redwood and the Six Wonders was previously self-published by the author. From the very beginning, the book has touched a chord with young readers and it featured in Amazon’s ‘Hot New Releases’ list as #27 in October 2021. The novel has also received brilliant reviews from several book bloggers and clubs.
including Sonali’s Book Club, by Sonali Bendre. Celebrities who graced the occasion  include Tanaaz Irani, Bhakthiyar Irani, Hrishikesh Pandey, Aditya Deshmukh, Mohit Malhotra, Vinta Nanda, Bhaktiyar Irani, Puja Banerjee, Sheena Chauhan, Shweta Rohira, Salim Asgarally, Vinta Nanda, Seema Kapoor and Riya Soni.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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