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Raksha bandhan Special Shipra Arora on the bond she shares with brother Shivankar Arora

Mumbai, 11 August 2022 (UTN). Raksha bandhan is a very special event for Shipra Arora and her family. Every year they celebrate rakhi at their parent’s house in Delhi. The content creator and writer has one brother, Shivankar Aroroa, a director, with whom she runs their YouTube channel Content ka Keeda. They also have an elder sister living in the capital. So Shipra and Shivankar, who live in Mumbai for professional reasons, go back home during this time.
All my cousins come to our house and it’s a super big affair. But this year, due to work constraints we are planning to stay back in Mumbai and celebrate rakhi online with the rest of our siblings. Our audience expects us to put an episode every Thursday, for that we need to let go of the celebrations this time. But, because Shivankar and I are together, we will surely make it fun,” she says. Raksha bandhan emphasizes taking care of each other.
“It is believed that when a sister ties on her brother’s arm to thank him for protecting her and also pray for his well being. But for us, we both protect and support one another, and stay together whatever may our differences be. Family is everything for both of us,” she adds. Shipra shares that the relationship she shares with Shivankar is tight, so much so that for some people it may sound too much. She says, “We take trips together, we share everything with each other.
We know every secret of one another. We still fight like we are kids but then when any of us needs something or going through a bad time, we stand with one another like a rock. Especially Shivankar and I are very close as we have been staying in Mumbai for the last 15-17years. We live in separate houses, but we are always there for each other (smiles).”For Shipra, Shivankar is like a kid to her. “Everyone knows in the house, Shivankar is mine more than my parents.
He is the kid I never had. But when I need him or going through a tough time, he stands with me like a protective father. He is super kind and compassionate. We both have been teaching things to one another and I am only blessed to have him in my life. I am not very good at showing my emotions, he is the only one I am emotionally dependent on. I can be at my silliest and I know he will always love me for it. One would be lucky to have a brother like him in their life. And I am the lucky one here,” she adds.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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