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Happy Birthday Prem Raj Soni The director shares his celebration

Mumbai, 11 August 2022 (UTN). Prem Raj Soni turns a year older today. The Who Beetey Din director plans to enjoy his special day today with his family and friends. He is also happy with the love his work has got over all these years and the support he has got from fans, even on his birthday. I am extremely grateful for the love I have received this year for Woh Beetey Din. So my plans are to spend the day in gratitude with my love ones.
Every time my work gets appreciated it just makes me the happiest. There is nothing bigger gift that I could receive from the audiences than the success of Woh Beetey Din,” he smiles. So what will he be wishing and praying for this year? “I would love to keep working and entertain the audiences with films that make them laugh and smile. It’s very important to make quality content that viewers can relate to. And, my focus is on that always he adds. Sharing his fondest birthday memories from the years gone by, he says.
“My father always used to take me out on this day. All those growing up years, having him around are my fondest memories. I miss him a lot. Age is just a number and Prem believes that our inner strength and doing the right things get us going. “Age is directly connected to maturity and maturity is all about how people conduct themselves and treat each and every person. For me kindness and love towards others is maturity and the number is just a way of counting your days on earth,” he signs off.
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