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Somy Ali If someone is comfortable posing nude, that’s their choice

Mumbai, 03 August 2022 (UTN). Ranveer Singh’s fashion choices have always been in the news. Yet again, the actor has set the internet ablaze with his nude photoshoot for Paper Magazine. The cover of the magazine features him sitting on a carpet, nude, his hair well-groomed and the actor seems to be nonchalantly posing for the camera. His fans and netizens went crazy seeing these photos and it goes without saying how much the meme-team enjoyed the day for having got such an opportunity.
Actor turned humanitarian Somy Ali shares her view on the same and also weighs in the possibility of doing something similar. To begin with, Ranveer is in extraordinary shape and looks amazing. His hard work in the gym definitely paid off. To each their own is my philosophy. If a man or a woman are comfortable posing in the nude, that’s their choice and not my business. I don’t really care except that he looks great, so more power to him,” she says.  For those not in the know, this photoshoot is Ranveer’s homage to Burt Reynolds’ iconic 1972 shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine.
Talking more on the same, Somy takes another actor’s reference. “Similarly Sunny Leone is stunning and has a great body so more power and kudos to her. I try my best not to judge because I am perfectly imperfect myself, thus have no right to add any negative connotations to who poses in what and how. If it’s appealing to the eyes then why not!? I bet half the people wished they were in such great shape as Ranveer and many others who are bold enough to take their clothes off for the world to see. Am I comfortable doing so? No. Again, I am not against it, but it’s just something that isn’t for me,” she adds.
Mumbai-Reporter, (Hitesh Jain).

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