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No hostel facility in Kotia Adarsha Vidyalaya

Koraput, 29 July 2022 (UTN). The ongoing border dispute between Odisha and Andhra has been going on for a long time. Meanwhile, Andhra has made various ambitious plans to send children from 21 villages of Kotia Panchayat to school in their area. Due to which the children of Kotia region are trying to study in Andhra schools. The state government has set up a model school this year at Lower Ganjei Padar to educate children  of Kotia village in their own state schools.
Children are facing many problems due to lack of hostel facilities.A school bus was organized with the help of Nalco after the students were strongly criticized in various quarters for such a hasty move by the state government. It has been alleged that they could not settle in remote areas like Fatusineri, Phagun Cineri, Madkar, Doliamb, Neredibalasa. However, due to the fact that the children of all these villages cannot study in this school, there has been intense dissatisfaction among the local people.
Children from Sipaiput, Kunduli Hatpada, Thuria, Taupadar, Upper Barabandh and Lower Barabandh near Pattangi are coming and studying in this school in buses started with the help of Nalco. However, students from villages in Kotia area cannot come here. The original objective of setting up model schools in Kotia could not be fulfilled. District Education Officer Ramachandra Nahak informed that a letter has been written to the state government to provide dormitory facility in this school.
Koraput-Repoter, (Trinath Patnaik) |

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