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Ashoka Thackur loves his pet Kiwi Seeing her makes me happy every day

Mumbai, 29 July 2022 (UTN). Ashoka Thackur is a pet parent. His pet pooch Kiwi is the dearest to him. The model  and actor, who recently worked with Donal Bisht in Badhi Hi Mushkil and will be seen in an upcoming music video alongside Sonia Kashyap, talks about the love of his life. My pet’s name is Kiwi. She is a Shih Tzu dog and is very cute and beautiful. Jitni tarif Karo kam hai. Seeing her makes me happy every day.
Whenever she is with me, I can’t think of anything else. I named her Kiwi because she is just like a doll. She has such small eyes and teeth and looks very sweet,” he says. Having a pet changed the actor’s life for the better. “I have experienced so many changes in my life since she has come. Whenever I am facing any problems, seeing her and playing with her makes me forget all the worries. I can’t explain that emotion in words.
She always waits for me and as soon as I come home, she just comes to me and hugs me. She is very innocent and loving,” he adds. Ashoka feels every home should have a pet. “Pets are pure love and all they give is love. The amount of love they can give, no one else can, not even human beings. If you are sad, pets also become sad. Kiwi is my life.
If you are able to take care of your pet then only you should keep them as they need lots of love and care. Pets should not be kept to show off. Not taking good care of your pet is inhumanity. Raise them with lots of love,” he says.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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