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Nyrraa M Banerji recently tried paragliding in Himachal: I loved it

Mumbai, 29 July 2022 (UTN). When you can mix work and pleasure, it does make it a special experience. Nyrraa M Banerji went through a similar feeling recently when she went to Himachal Pradesh for work. After finishing her shoot, the Rakshabandhan. Rasal Apne Bhai ki Dhal actor, accompanied by her mother, went sightseeing around the state. And, guess what? She even tried paragliding for the first time.
“Paragliding was not easy but I loved every bit of the experience. It was worth all the courage. In fact, I pushed my mom and my driver to do it. I’m scared of heights and water.  I wanted to overcome that. I was lucky it wasn’t foggy or raining.  It was quite an experience. I felt like a bird flying freely flying high, overlooking the world,” she smiles.
Nyrraa is fond of adventure sports. “Every time it has been a heavenly experience.
I want to go scuba diving soon. The mysterious life underwater is definitely something that I would love to explore,” she adds.  The actor was there for ten days. Apart from trying paragliding she also visited the famous Kali temple and Stone Shiv Temple. Later, she went to Shimla. The other adventure sport that the actor and model likes is trekking. “But I have not done it yet, I want to soon. I’m a pretty hippie at heart and want to try out new things.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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