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Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai actor Ami Trivedi on her birthday celebrations on July 15

Mumbai, 24 July 2022 (UTN). Ami Trivedi turned a year younger on July 15. She had a blast celebrating her special day. The Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata Hai actor talks about how she spent the entire day. Ami plays the character of Manjari in the TV show produced by Rajan Shahi (Directors Kut Productions). I never wished or prayed anything for my birthday because honestly, Thank God, there is a lot of gratitude, which I want to express when it comes to how my life is and how things are going on in my life.
I have a beautiful family, my son, and so many amazing well wishers which I’m so thankful and grateful for. I have work which is a very big thing for today’s date. So my wishes and prayers are that it should remain this way. I’m a little selfish with my career, like most people are. I want to progress, want to be bigger and better in life. And I pray that all the conflicts in the world will soon vanish. To me, the world is always a beautiful place. And, I believe that all need to keep this intact for all living beings,” she says.
 As a part of the celebration, Ami vouched for work on herself. “This birthday I decided that I want to cultivate a habit of being calmer and more aware. So I could continue to encourage, motivate myself to meditate every day and to take care of my body, and inner self,” she adds. Ami has fondest birthday memories from the past, her mom making her favourite meal every time on her birthday. “She would take me out.
When we were children It used to be a big thing for us to go shopping and especially on the birthdays she used to take us to the town. That was something special for me.”Ami feels she is only getting mature with every passing year. “Age is just a number. It’s all in our head, and birthdays are like another day to celebrate, be grateful for the life that you have, for being alive, and you also feel good when someone makes you feel special.”
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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