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Mumbai-23 July 2022 (UTN). A poster showing a girl smoking dressed as Goddess Kali sparked outrage for hurting religious sentiments. A police complaint has been lodged against the NRI film-maker Leena Manimekalai, who had shared the poster of her recent documentary on her social media account.  However, she is not the only one. Of late, we have seen many instances where people’s religious sentiments have been hurt by the content of a film or offended by a progressive idea. Some of these examples include Angry Indian Goddesses, Lipstick Under My Burkha, Fire, Laxxmi and Veere Di Wedding among others. Is this religious intolerance or merely a resistance to feminist and progressive ideas? We asked celebs about their thoughts on this recent spate of incidents and here is what they had to say about the issue…
Charrul Malik
It should not have happened. People worship Kali Maa. We should not take creative license with gods and goddesses, irrespective of any religion, as they are worshipped. The canvas is huge to display your creativity, so why focus on religious sentiments? People usually do such things to get instant fame. I am strictly against filmmakers who use such themes in his/her work. Strict action should be taken against them. We have shows centred on Ramayana and Mahabharata on TV, where things can go haywire. But if those people are careful with how they tackle that material on TV, then why can’t filmmakers do the same?
Maninee De
Liberty comes with sensitivity and freedom comes with responsibility. It’s very important to be mindful of not hurting anybody’s sentiments, especially when it comes to religion. It’s a volatile time. I also feel that creativity should not be hindered, so it’s important to keep a few things in mind to avoid hurting sentiments or causing outrage. I have watched Angry Indian Goddesses, Lipstick Under My Burka and Veere Di Wedding and I don’t find anything offensive in that. It’s a story about women coming into power or realising their true strength. People are highly strung right now, so it’s best not to poke a bees’ nest. I am not condemning anybody or supporting anybody, but it will help to be a little more sensitive in today’s scenario.
Nivedita Basu
I don’t think Leena did it deliberately to offend anyone, it is a part of a scene in the film. If you put it out in public, it’s because you want the audience to come and watch the film. Hindus are going to cringe on seeing a goddess like that and won’t go to watch the film.  If you ask me on a scale of yes to no, then it shouldn’t have been done, because however open-minded we become, some things are a total no. Even if the character is walking down the streets of Toronto with a LGBT flag and a cigarette in one hand! 
Nyrraa M Banerji
Films are only for entertainment. Nobody really wants to hurt sentiments. I’m a Bengali Brahmin and I worship Kali Maa, but as an actor I know it’s a creative story and is not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Besides, most films are fiction stories, just like story books. I’d say those who would want to watch the film, let them. Everyone has the freedom of speech, choice and expression.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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