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Harpal Singh Sokhi opens up about his new show Channa Mereya

Mumbai- 22 July 2022 (UTN). Harpal Singh Sokhi, who is currently seen in the show Channa Mereya (produced by Beyond Dreams) says that he loves being part of it. The actor adds that the show his character also follows the ideology that he believes in, which makes it even more fun to play him. The title reminds me of all the valuable things each one of us has in life and how we protect them, be it culture, family traditions, love for family, business, surroundings, nature, everything is dear to our heart and we should respect each relationship,” he says.
He adds, “I am so happy that I am getting to play the role of Khushwant Grewal, who owns the Dhaba, and shares all the values and traditions of running a successful Dhaba. As a Chef, I have always believed that people always taste life in the hands of the person who cooks food with love. A recipe can guide you but when someone cooks with love, the food is going to be tasty. I have always believed that a positive atmosphere in the place you cook makes all the difference. The kitchen remains the most pious place. All my shows have also carried this tagline and even in this show Channa Mereya, I have this mool mantra of running a successful Dhaba – duniya mein sabse bada pyaar hai lekin usse se bhi bada pyaar hai, toh jee pyaar se khana khilaogey toh customer khuus.”
The storyline of the show is already being appreciated, says the actor, adding, “Yes Channa Mereya is the new flavour of all soaps on TV. It’s got so much of a message for people who run businesses. The soap will hold on to the audience and I am sure people will shower all their love. My tagline is surely going to stay forever in time to come.”
Talking about working with the team, Harpal says, “It’s been wonderful working with all the stars and they are all fun to work with. Yash and Mamta are family. I have known them for many years and we were planning to work on something for a long time and then Channa Mereya happened. Yash Patnaik clearly had pre decided that I should play the role of Papajee as it is close to my profession as a Chef and I am enjoying what I am doing.”
Fresh content is always preferred by the audience, says the actor. “Definitely newness is everything that attracts audiences. This is a completely new story and Beyond Dreams has officially run a very successful show before this which had a Punjabi flavour to it. Personally, I am very happy that my character, in each show that I have done till date, has a tagline which has gone on to become popular, like the Namakshamak on my show Turban Tadka and even in this show we a mool mantra of running a successful Dhaba, passion, emotion, respect and love for good food all put together makes a Dhaba business successful,” he says.
Harpal adds, “The entertainment industry is definitely changing very fast. Realistic storylines connect with the aam janta, making them feel as if it is their life story. All this is something which the audience wants. The digital world is making a huge impact and we see every day a new technology springing up. We all have to adapt to new things. It’s like old wine in a new bottle.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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