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Actresses Somy Ali and Anu Aggarwal share their favourite monsoon memories

Mumbai, 15 July 2022 (UTN). Somy Ali :- My favourite monsoon memory and song has to be ‘Aaa Jaa Jaane Jaa’ with Suniel Shetty (from the film ANTH) for several reasons. It was my first working experience with Saroj Khan, my first rain song, and my first shoot with my friend and fellow acting school mate, Suniel. And above all, in this film, it was the first time that I ever wore a sari. This song got really popular as it was rather bold for its times, but simply because of it I was offered tons and tons of movie roles. This song will always be special to me.
Anu Aggarwa:-
I love to swim in the sea during the monsoon.  I admire the amazing spirit of the average Mumbaikar to cope with the rainfall. I find it awesome! Though I know people have mixed feelings about the rainy season, like a lot of foreigner friends escaping Mumbai during monsoons. I have many memories of being caught off guard by monsoons but nothing beats the first time I actually discovered the non stop pouring in Mumbai.
The painter in me was in awe of just the different colours and styles of umbrellas I got to see outside the railway station. I always remember the old romantic song sung by Raj Kapoor, ‘Barasat mein, tumse mile hum humse mile tum, Barasat mein’. On the other hand, the English song that reminds me is “I am singing in the rain, I am dancing in the rain…”. It is a song by Gene Kelly and every time this song gets me tapping my feet and all I want to do is dance in the rain.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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