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On the occasion of Guru Purnima, Superstar Singer 2 captains and contestants talk about their Guru-Shishya bond

Mumbai, 15 July 2022 (UTN). A guru is the light in the dark, an inspiration and aspiration. The guru-shishya bond is termed to be one of the purest and strongest one could ever experience. Such beautiful bond is showcased in Sony Entertainment Television’s home-grown kid’s singing reality show Superstar Singer 2, where contestants are divided into teams mentored by their gurus aka captains.
On the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima, Captains Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal and Sayli Kamble talk about their bonds with their contestants. And, contestants Mohammad Faiz, Pratyush Anand and Sayisha Gupta express their gratitude to their respective captains. Captain Pawandeep Rajan shares, “I never knew how it felt to be a mentor to someone until I stepped into the shoes of a captain.
ou feel this strange connection with your mentees, their victory or failure affects you deeply. The feeling is surreal to see the kids from my team on stage giving phenomenal performances on national television. Now I know how my Guru would have felt when I stepped on the stage. Words cannot define the feeling I am currently experiencing being a guru to someone as their journey is my journey as well.”
Captain Arunita Kanjilal says, “Being a guru is not less than a blessing. I have the privilege of mentoring a bunch of highly talented kids. I found my little family in them and I would not trade the world for it. I agree it is a huge responsibility but at the end of the day, the bond your share with them is all worth it. On this occasion of Guru Purnima, I would also like to extend my gratitude to my Gurus who have made me who I am today and I wish to become as capable Gurus as they were to me.”
Captain Sayli Kamble says, “In our tradition, Guru is equivalent to the almighty which is a huge position in itself. The day when my kids touched my feet, I felt a sense of responsibility and duty towards them. I have immense love for them and every time they get on stage I am equally nervous before they perform, at the same time I take a lot of pride when their performances are appreciated and praised by the judges and audience.
Their success feels as if my hard work is paying off.”Contestant Mohd Faiz says, “When one finds their true Guru, one conquers half the world and that is how I met my guru and captain Arunita didi, who not only taught me about music but also guides me on how to sing better and to keep improvising. She is a fantastic guru to me and I am thankful to have her in my life because I learned so much from her. I wish a Happy Guru Purnima to everyone.”
Contestant Pratyush Anand says, “In my lifetime, I have met several gurus rather than just one. They all taught me in a manner that was particular to them. In this show, Sayali didi is the best guru I’ve ever had. She not only helped me develop my singing skills but also looked out for me like an older sister. I consider myself fortunate to have her as my guru and captain and wish everyone a Happy Guru Purnima.”
Contestant Sayisha says, “I want to express my appreciation to my guru, Pawandeep bhaiya. For me, he works as an effective mentor. He has been the greatest supporter and cheer leader to all of us who is always guiding and helping us hone our singing talent. Having got a chance to perform which such a great talent like him as been a great opportunity for me. He has been a great mentor to me, and I am thankful to have him in my life.”
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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