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Dhan Tejas about his character Akash in Channa Mereya He is 10-year-old brat

Mumbai, 09 July 2022 (UTN). Dhan Tejas will be seen as Akash in Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik’s latest show Channa Mereya. The actor is happy being a part of the Beyond Dreams family and shares that both the show and its “Punjabi title with the essence of love and warmth” are unique and interesting. “Akash, my character, is that of a typical 10-year-old, rich family kid. He is cute and lives in his own world. He is the step brother of protagonist Aditya Raj Singh. He thinks Aditya is a ‘monster’ instead of a brother.
In real life, I am also a lot like Akash, who loves to be the hero of his own imaginative stories,” he says. Audiences have been showering love on the promos of Channa Mereya. And, Dhan feels viewers will enjoy the show. “It will surely be a treat to watch because the story is very fascinating. We have shot it in various locations of Punjab. The show has an ensemble cast. And, I am happy to be getting pampered by all of them. Everyone is very nice to me. There’s so much to learn from the veterans like Puneet Isaar sir.
Karan Wahi is like a fun elder sibling and Shakti Anand sir also is my favourite, and I like to talk to him very much. Ashish Kaul, who is playing my bade papa, teaches me maths on the set. Our Creatives Meeit Kohli ma’am and Shweta Mishra ma’am take care of me like my elder sisters. I am so excited to be part of such a team,” he adds. Dhan also showers praises on Yash and Mamta and the entire team of Beyond Dreams.
“It’s my first project with Beyond Dreams and I am loving it. My excitement and happiness is on another level altogether,” he shares. Audiences enjoy unique storylines. And, that is one of the primary reasons why the actor feels they would love Channa Mereya. “Our team is working hard day and night to serve a great show for our lovely viewers. We want them to enjoy the story, fall in love with all the characters,” he ends with a smile.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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