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Vishavpreet Kaur opens up about being part of Yash Patnaik’s Channa Mereya on Star Bharat

Mumbai, 09 July 2022 (UTN). Actress Vishavpreet Kaur, who is part of the show Channa Mereya, says that she is thrilled to be part of the project. The actress says that she was approached for the show by the creative director, Meeit Kohli, who she has worked with before as well. “Meeit called me and really encouraged me to do it. This is my second show with her, I have done the show Kaleerein before this with her and I love the way she works,” she says, adding that she really enjoys playing her character and can relate to her as well.
“When you look at that one you are in love with, your eyes sparkle; that’s Channa Mereya for me. She is very classy, proud that her husband Amber is running the show in the Singh family, and she enjoys the attention she gets from her husband. I can relate a lot to Supreet. Her classy way of carrying herself is so me,” she says. She adds, “After my last show, I even refused so many shows because they were the typical ones, but this show is actually very different. Each character is carrying its own story which brings in lots of drama and an interesting storyline.
It totally deserves to be the talk of the town.” Talking about working with her co-actors, she says, “One of my favourite parts is the star cast. From punnet ji to Shakti, Ashish and Karan, everyone has come from a successful career background and is yet so humble and easy to work with. I have worked with Mamta Verma in one of my previous shows as well. The atmosphere on the set was so good. With Niyati, I have not done any scenes yet but she is a lovely girl and I am looking forward to it. Having such lovely co-actors is a blessing.”
The actress says that she enjoyed working with Yash and Mamta Patnaik (Beyond Dreams) as well. “Beyond Dreams is the one I started my career with. At the time of Veera, I was new in the industry and Mamta ma’am was the one who had faith in me and considered me to play Bansuri’s character. After that, there was no looking back for me. So working with Beyond Dreams is like coming home. Yash sir and Mamta ma’am hold a very respectful place in my heart,” she says.
Meanwhile, Vishavpreet says that OTT has helped TV evolve its storylines as well. “Unique storyline definitely attracts the audiences because not everyone is always interested in watching kitchen drama. This show has a lot to offer to the audience. After the OTT platforms have come into play, the industry has changed a lot in a good way. There’s a lot of work in a variety of work, as an actor you can explore your talents more by playing so many different characters. I’m the kind of person who always welcomes change, so I’m happy about it,” she says.
She adds, “The urban generation may be more inclined towards OTT but our rural India is still in love with daily soaps. In fact, my mom turns on her TV by 7 for her favourite shows and it goes on. We television actors get so much love from our fans. The way they feel connected to the characters we play and the kind of messages we get on social media, it’s overwhelming. We become part of their lives through the television screen.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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