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Rushad Rana opens up about his short film Infertility on YouTube channel Content ka Keeda

Mumbai, 09 July 2022 (UTN). Actor Rushad Rana, who is part of the short film called Infertility on the YouTube channel Content Ka Keeda, says that the film will always be special for him. The actor says that the topic on which the film is based is very real and needs to be dealt with. “Well, as we know that Content Ka Keeda always tackles unique topics. The unique thing about our film is that it speaks about infertility, which a lot of people don’t speak about in the open. But it is a very real problem that exists today, especially in the cities with people who are dealing with high-stress jobs and stuff like that and follow a bad diet and a bad lifestyle.
So, I think they’ve tackled a very sensitive and a very unique topic called infertility,” he says. He adds, “I said infertility is a major problem in couples but no one speaks about it openly. I think people should start talking about it openly because you know it is not an incurable thing. It is something which can be cured and I feel the sooner a couple addresses this issue, the faster the chances are of people getting cured. People should be open about it. I mean now we have passed those times when we don’t talk about taboo topics. We should definitely talk about them.”
Talking about his experience of working with Shipra and Shivankar Arora, Rushad says, “I have worked with Shivankar, when he was a DOP on a show that I had done. We realised that we have worked together while shooting for this film. I got to know about Shipra recently. But yes, it was an absolute treat to work with the two of them. Their combination is fantastic, Shipra writes the scripts and Shivankar directs and is also a DOP on his film. So, I think it’s like a super combination. I’m glad that I have taken the first step and done my first film with them and I am hoping for many more to come in the future.”
The actor is an active part of films as well as OTT and TV. Talking about his projects, he says, “The fact is that thankfully I can balance everything. That has kept me going strong in all these mediums. I have been doing TV and web and now short films. I’ve also done other short films, which have done pretty well in the past. So yeah, I’m thankful that people in every medium are considering me, and are taking me on for those projects. And this is true, the more you work, the more you feel like working it kind of energizes you. So, I just want to keep going at what I’m doing right now.”
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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