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Anil V Kumar shares his mystic journey of direction

Mumbai, 09 July 2022 (UTN). Director-producer Anil V Kumar’s journey is far from ordinary. It was literally a guardian angel who helped Anil find his love for direction and he will always be grateful. “When I started my journey in Mumbai with no idea what to do, I reached Bandra. With no shelter, I slept in the garden and early morning around 6ish I started walking to find my destiny. We all had heard Mumbai is the place where you earn name, fame and money and I wanted that badly for myself and my family.
As I was walking I met a dhobi outside Salman Khan’s house, I asked him, ‘Bhai yaha shooting kaha hota hai, kitna door jana hoga,’ as I had no money. He smiled and took me outside Mehboob studio where there was a big poster and studio name (logo) engraved and I was awestruck because I had seen the same logo on tv screen in patna.. that moment changed a lot of things for me and as I was taking turn to thank the guy I saw the same garden was just next to the studio where my destiny got me last night only.
after which when I turned to thank him, he wasn’t there so I feel that was written in my journey,” otherwise morning 7am mumbai is fully awake but there was no body. I looked for that man for many days but I could never meet him again and I will be forever grateful to him. He adds, “I learnt so much in that studio, each person each day would enter with a smile and leave with a broad smile. That’s how I started loving each moment while working there as a spot boy. I used to look at all the directors and think that one day I will say action.
I wanted to justify each day in my art so that each night I sleep well with a smile and be proud that today again I created something. I enjoy directing and I believe in my art. I love it in simple words and that gives me everything I have today and moreover the happiness I get each day with my first ‘action’ to the last ‘cut of the day ’. For me, saying ‘Sai Nath Maharaj ki jai,’ is always great and I do that with a big smile.” Direction will always be my first love In fact, he says that a lot has changed over the years.“A lot, from dramatic to much more real and simple and extraordinary.
Everyone has their own vision in creating characters and how they want to show them on screen. I feel everyone is just creating magic for viewers because simplicity and reality are working at their best in today’s time. With the boom of OTT also, I feel the overall space, technicians and actors have groomed themselves and each one is doing their best. TV is growing too with the trends and it is a good change.” For directors and producers it’s a good opportunity every day to showcase the real emotions, stories, and relatable content.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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