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Sufiscore presents a dynamic contemporary original Ghazal “Jashn E Gham” Sung by Pratibha Bhagel ,Composed by Salim Sulaiman

Mumbai, 06 July 2022 (UTN). The poetic lyrics by A M Turaz and musical composition by Salim Sulaiman in Pratibha Singh Baghel’s voice depicts the depths of emotions listeners can relate to through an individual perspective, it evokes a gush of emotions. The human condition associated with sadness, misery, depression and loneliness is exquisitely told through the ghazal via its unique competition & heart touching lyrics. It is beautifully arranged and produced by violin virtuoso and maestro producer, Deepak Pandit along with music producer Gaurav Vaswani which is brought to life by the enchanting voice of Pratibha Singh Baghel.
Directed by Rajeev Goswami, Jashn E Gham features sitar genius Purbayan Chatterjee who is joined by Naveen Kumar on flute, Prashant Sonagra on tabla with keys and synths by Gaurav Vaswani. Raj Pandit recorded Pratibha’s vocals and it’s been mixed in stereo and for Dolby ATMOS by K Sethuraman. Salim Merchant* is among India’s most respected composer. He along with Sulaiman has composed several records incorporating cinematic, folk, electronica and sufi influences to their music “Jashn-E-Gham is a piece of my heart.
Me & Sulaiman truly  enjoyed composing this song for Pratibha & Sufiscore.
My friend Turaz has written exactly what I was looking for . It’s wonderfully arranged & produced by very talented Deepak Pandit . It’s co produced by Gaurav Vaswani . The video has been directed & choreographed by the very talented Rajeev Goswami . I am looking forward for this eagerly. And hoping that it will touch everyone’s heart” Recognised by A.R.Rahman himself as a generational voice, Pratibha Singh Baghel’s mesmerizing voice never fails to captivate audiences and proves her to be an iconic figure in the music industry “Jashn-E-Gham is a dynamic contemporary ghazal which is going to make its place in the industry.
As we all know the Duo Salim- Sulaiman are known for their haunting beautiful melodies . Now the surprise is that the maestro Deepak Pandit who we all know as great violinist / music composer & Music Arranger has prooduced & arranged this song along side renowned music producer Gaurav Vaswani . This ghazal is written by renowned writer A M Turaz Ji .The video has been directed by Rajeev Goswami who’s a known choreographer and a director. It’s a special connect again as Salim-Sulaiman , I  & Rajeev Goswami come back together for this song after Umrao Jaan Ada The Musical.
Hoping this would surely touch your hearts , and you will give it all your love like always”
Deepak Pandit, known as one of the best violinists in the country,  his favourite album is ‘Samvedha’, where he composed music and Jagjitji lent his vocal to Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s poem “”Jashn E Gham means celebrating the past, celebrating the moments lived together. The lyrics of the ghazal are very unique, that’s it biggest attraction. Salim- Sulaiman have composed the song beautifully. According to the composition, music is arranged and orchestrated.
Pratibha ji has done an outstanding job, she is a great artist. I would like to thank Sufiscore for promoting good and original content. I would like to congratulate the technical team and the core team for doing such a terrific job. A M Turaz ji has written the ghazal very well. Rajiv Goswami ji is great in direction” A M Turaz, a music director, music composer, writer, lyricist, and poet from India “The lyrics of the song will nurture all those with a broken heart. Everyone has done an outstanding job which reflects in the song. Keeping our fingers crossed” Sufiscore is a UK based South Asian music focused media platform.
It is not just a traditional label but a YouTube channel.
amassing millions of views of songs from the Asian and South Asian markets. By providing a space for both legends and future stars Sufiscore is creating a multicultural community by uniting artists and music consumers globally. Through live-syncing, remote recording and other practices, Sufiscore seeks to usher in new ways of making and consuming music online. Sufiscore has released Sheykhar Ravjiani’s first non-film single, Rang, Salim Sulaiman’s Bhoomi 2020, as well as Unbounded  Abaad by sitar virtuoso Purbayan Chatterjee, joined by Pandit and Baghel as well as Béla Fleck, Gary Husband, Jordan Rudess Zakir Hussain Antonio Sanchez and more.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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