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Thirteen senior women scorch the ramp with style and glamour in Rohit Verma’s couture collection

Mumbai, 06 July 2022 (UTN).  VRIDDH a celebration of life, feeling of accomplishment and a life well lived. The plethora of human experiences is brought under one fold VRIDDH. It is not the end of life but a myriad of life circumstances depicted at one go. It symbolises the epitome of a fulfilled life , time to relax and enjoy the shade and fruits of the tree nurtured by hard work and dedication of youth. VRIDDH* as the collection is a peek through a pigeon hole of the expanse and dynamic nature of a human life.
Old age is not the end of things as speaculated or undermined, not worth investing in. In fact, it is that golden period where the young can benefit and draw all that they can benefit from in the challenges of years ahead. Let’s joyously  celebrate every moment that we can with our own *VRIDDH* and make them feel special , needed and cared for with every passing moment. Let’s imbibe the zeal and vigour with which they have lived so far. It is not all about black and grey it is all about pumping  the colours into their lives weaving love, harmony and dedication to their remaining years of a fulfilled life.
*Rohit Verma* gets you the collection celebrated by the VRIDDH and symbolises the eternity of life. Creative vision and skilled artistry have molded Rohit Verma into one of India’s most intuitive fashion designers. His painstaking attention to detail in each of his hand crafted designs has earned him considerable reputation as a designer who specializes in every sector of the industry from Sarees & Evening gowns to Bridal wear & Kaftans. Today Rohit’s signature designs are showcased in fashion hubs across the world like New York & Vancouver.
They were bubbling with enthusiasm and willing to try out all that they have not done before, it’s inspiring to see them live their lives now Having lost her father at a very young age, *Mala Mansukhani* imbibed the value of labor and living a life of dignity from her mother. A single mother who was bringing up four daughters in a world quite different from the one we are in currently, Mala’s mother taught her how a strong foundation can help you overcome anything. A health-conscious senior herself, it troubled her to see so many people above the age of 50 around her giving into loneliness.
depression, a sedentary life of the understanding that it’s the twilight of their lives. With Grow Younger, she began conducting workshops and bootcamps to help seniors live a holistic lifestyle—mind, body, and soul. And what began as an initiative, has now turned into a full-fledged movement ” We didn’t quite realise how much difference something like this would make. Some of them got tearful and very emotional seeing themselves in Rohit’s outfits. We are glad that it made a difference” Ranjit Rodricks* is a popular fashion editor and man-about-town from Mumbai.
During his long career he has met and interacted with international superstars like Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Emma Bunton (of the Spice Girls), Tommy Hilfiger, Adam Gilchrist, Shane Warne, Prince Michael of Kent, Mark Shand (brother of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall), Satya Oblette, Princess Francoise Sturdza, Robert Miles, Bibhu Mohapatra, Naeem Khan, Irina Shayk and Daniel Beddingfield amongst many others ” This event was all about how, if you are young at heart, you are still young. We aren’t ageing any younger so this evening was a much needed reminder.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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