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Biggest Collaboration of the year song

Mumbai, 06 July 2022 (UTN). Producer Gaurang Doshi and Rocky Khan have been in the news lately with announcements of their ongoing musical collaborations of the year with music sensations like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lil Pump, Jason Derulo, Rick Ross, DJ Shadow and counting. A source close to the duo reveals that they had been in conversation with the artists for the release of the first track featuring our very own rockstar Yo Yo Honey Singh, the international sensation Lil Pump and DJ Shadow Dubai for a while now and now they have mutually agreed on a date for the grand release.
Get your party shows ready people as the most awaited party song of the year will be out on the 24th of July, 2022. Yo Yo Honey Singh has been seen with many new faces in his video songs and new releases lately but this track is going to be one of its kind as Gaurang Doshi and Rocky Khan have managed to pull off the magnificent collaboration alongside the “Gucci Gang” American rapper Lil  Pump and Music Producer DJ Shadow Dubai. In a recent conversation with Gaurang Doshi, owner of Gaurang Doshi Productions.
Tiger Trail Production alongside Rocky Khan, owner of Black Stallions- Dubai, when the duo was asked about how they came up with an idea of such an awe-inspiring collaboration Gaurang Doshi shared his sentimental thoughts about how his father always taught him to create things beyond one’s imagination. Gaurang reveals that the thought of this collaboration was turned into reality over a tea conversation when he discussed it with his partner Rocky Khan who at a very young age has an immense passion and knowledge for music.
Rocky shared with the media the moments of excitement and nervousness the duo went through during the planning and execution of the collaboration. Rocky reveals that it was not an easy task to bring the three sensations under one roof but by their parents’ blessings and God’s grace they were successful in pulling off this imagination and presenting it for the world into reality. Gaurang Doshi who in the past has been seen with fascinating ideas of promotions and announcements for his projects has kept his lips tight about his plans for the promotion and release of the song.
With the suspicious smiles on the duo’s face during our interview when asked for the promotional plan, we are nothing but confident that we will see something out of the box and this song is going to be the blast of the year. The behind the scene videos that were leaked by fans on youtube for his song has already been making a buzz in the industry. As per recent news it is going to be the first time in the history that a song of this caliber and budget will be seen in Gaurang Doshi’s upcoming web series titled 7th Sense.
If the promotional track of the series is of this budget and standard, we can only imagine the high standards of the web series. It will be one of its kind and is surely going to set some new ground rules for the OTT projects. Gaurang Doshi mentioned and shared his gratitude towards his partner and family Madhu Bhandari, founder of SatoshiFx, whom he stood by him through thick and thin and always supported and blessed him. He also shared about how his friends Kush Goel, Dr Baseem and Deepak Agarwal stood by him.
during this musical journey and motivated him to be the pillar that he is during the journey of life.  The expectations do not end here as on the closing note the duo revealed that there are more surprises and announcements coming our way but as we say one step at a time. Wishing the very best to Gaurang Doshi, Rocky Khan and the entire team who managed to pull this off and we can’t stop thinking of what’s coming next.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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