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Chitra Vakil Sharma talks about her association with singer Eklavya Sakpal!

Mumbai, 26 June 2022 (UTN). Producer Chitra Vakil Sharma known for her web series Tandoor and Raktanchal reminisces about her journey of starting her own music channel on YouTube. She also elaborates on her collaboration with singer and music composer Eklavya Sakpal for the same. My association with Eklavya Sakpal is divine in itself. We are spiritually connected to each other for a very long time but we never worked together professionally. One divine day things just clicked in a moment of our normal conversation and we decided to do Shiv Ki Dhun together.
Shiv Ki Dhun is a beautiful song; penned, composed and sung by Eklavya Sakpal. This song is an anthem for every soul who believes in Lord Shiva. Once we started talking about Shiv Ki Dhun then, very mystically, we just landed up creating our own label called Jupiter Hub and that too on the auspicious day of Mahashivratri, plus a YouTube channel with the same name. Now my association with Eklavya Sakpal is such that we are thinking on the same scale for doing more songs together on our label Jupiter Hub,” she says.
Talking about the response to her YouTube channel, she adds, “We started our YouTube channel Jupiter Hub, right from the base level of beginning. That is from no subscribers and no views at all. And to our surprise, within less than a month’s time we reached the necessary requirement of channel monetisation from YouTube. I believe this is truly a sign of being supported by the universe itself.” Om Namah Shivay was loved by the viewers, says Chitra. “Om Namah Shivay is not a song, it’s a track basically.
It’s a mantra chant. We wanted to start our channel with this, bringing in a lot of auspicious energies into our work and life, that is why we recorded 108 times Om Namah Shivaya, for our channel first, and mystically it worked. It got our channel monetised within a month of our first upload. This is not less than a miracle,” she says. Talking about future plans, she adds, “To start with, we are just focusing on original compositions of Eklavya Sakpal.
All the songs we are working on are about our favourite Mahadev, touching the different cultures and traditions of our country musically and soulfully.
All these songs are truly magnificent in terms of Indian culture spiritually and on the next level of the devotional genre altogether. These songs will itself mark the beginning of a new trend in the music industry.” Music is everything for her, says the producer, adding “Whether I’m working or travelling, music is always there. Music is a healing tool for me. It soothes my soul and just re-energises me. And nowadays listening to 108 Times Om Namah Shivaya and Shiv Ki Dhun both by Eklavya Sakpal is simply just a part of my daily routine.”
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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