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Mitu gets candid about why the episode titled Pankh is such a special part of Nishabd

Mumbai, 26 June 2022 (UTN). Producer Mitu, is very excited for Pankh, a special episode in her show Nishabd. She says that when she wrote the story of this particular episode, it was not meant to be part of the anthology, and things turned in a way that it soon became part of it and has turned out beautifully. Pankh was a short film I had written in 2017. Somehow it never got made. I guess it was supposed to be made later and for Atrangii because it got pushed for some reason or the other. Then I got a lazy block where I couldn’t write anymore for an unexplainable reason.
Even when I pitched it to Atrangii, I had given it to another writer but it was destiny that got me to finish it. So well, things fell in place when they had to. Also, when I wrote the short film was when I was making my Star Plus pilot with Lavin Gothi and Arshima Thapar as the main leads. I had narrated the story to them and they had told me they will be there when it’s ready to shoot and they were. So yes, it is my most special story in that way. In all the episodes this is the first that the story of the Ally and not centred around the gay characters. It’s a journey of redemption that makes the story also special, ” she says.
Many actors have made a comeback with the episode. Talking about the same, Mitu says, “It starts with Arshima Thapar who is making a comeback after a number of years. She played Cady in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain , and she was the second lead of Bhaage Re Mann, as well as the main lead of Pehel Ek Nagi Subah. She has come back after a hiatus and done more than justice to the character of Pavni. Then there is Gautam Chaturvedi, who is making a comeback after 15 years. I am happy to be part of that comeback as his last show as an actor was with me (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii) and his comeback is also with me .
He is rocking as Dr Dwivedi. There is Smita Kalpvriksh Gupta who is also a great actor. She took a break in 2002 when she got married and she has also come back with this one. Then there is renowned director Ravindra Gautam who has kind of made his acting debut on this one. He was a stage actor and this is the first time he is facing a camera.” Ask her if she needed to convince them to come on board, and the director-producer says Convincing them was not the fight, matching dates was. Gautam is a producer and he is busy himself. Lavin was out of town. Ravindra had other commitments.
Smita got a frozen shoulder and we weren’t sure till the end whether she would make it or not. So to get them all together was tough. But I was so sure of my cast that I worked around it, waiting for them to get free. Lavin Gothi as Abhishek or Ankit Rathi as Neel or Arshima as Pavni.  And talking about Arshima, she is an intelligent actor so for her to get the role of the Ally (whose story this is) was easy. But once she was in she was all in. And it shows in the episode. All the actors came willingly and happily for readings and when I saw the energy there I knew I had hit a home run. ”
The way the episode has been shot is also special, says Mitu. “You have to see the episode to see where and how it was shot. It was tough and challenging to finish that much in 3 days but we managed well. And a lot of that credit goes to My DOP Rakesh Kirti who was more than a big support to my vision. As a director I would say he gave me more than my visuals,” she says. She adds, “The experience of shooting it was awesome . One of the best shoots I have ever had. Though everyone was facing the camera after a long time, it didn’t seem so. Everyone was so comfortable in front of it that it didn’t seem like a comeback.
There were discussions and improvisations that helped the product. The chemistry between the actors was amazing and it shows on screen. Lavin and Arshima have a great give and take that works for the episode. Seeing the episode, no one can say this is Ravindra Gautam’s first acting assignment. His chemistry with Arshima was so good that we added scenes on the set and they have panned out so well. I have seen many directors turn to acting but Ravindra is far better than a lot of them, even those who are in films. Honestly.
Apart from all this, the scene to watch out for is Arshima’s breakdown. I have worked with her a lot and even I was in tears at her performance. She has cried non stop for five minutes without a cue and it tugs at your heart. It just warms me to see that the girl who made her debut with me years ago, had flowered into such a powerhouse performer. I am happy to be part of her journey as an actor. After the shot was finished the entire unit stood up for a standing ovation.”
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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