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Dr. Basem Al Halabi, UAE’s top plastic surgeon transforming lives globally

Mumbai-11 May 2022 (UTN). Dubai’s renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Basem Al Halabi, who specializes in non surgical aesthetic procedures like- Hair Implants and Transplant, Hair treatments, Non Surgical Rhinoplasty, created by him as non surgical nose job, is a ray of hope with the growing demand of beauty and health surgeries in the medical industry. He specializes in beauty procedures from Hair Treatments, Fillers, Botox, Threads, Liposuction using laser, Sculpting, to Skin Care Procedures etc . His treatments have received International acclaim & have evolved multiple lives of patients across the globe.
His patients are not just from all parts of UAE but he is very popular amongst the International patients.  Even during the pandemic situation, the International patients & patients from all parts of Dubai were availing the best results through his online consultation. He has created a brand “Dr.B ” to make more branches that will give the same services with the same standards in every single branch. He has been training a team of doctors and nurses who will follow his standards. He introduced a line of beauty products Dr. B products.
Dr.  Basem Al Halabi, whose clientele expands from local men & women to VIPs holds a vision to create a solid and world wide medical brand that is specialized in aesthetic surgery field & to be the leaders in the world in the non surgical aesthetic procedures and to bring to the table all the evolutionary inventions in plastic surgery field. Talking more about his work, he says “Cosmetic surgery is not to change the real YOU to become another person, but to improve the nice features in YOU to become the best version of your unique self”
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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