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My Mother Introduced Me To Fashion And Taught Me How Important It is To Build An Individual Taste”, Says actress Seerat Kapoor

Mumbai-11 May 2022 (UTN). Mother’s are born with superpowers! No work in this world can be done without moms. She is the solution to all our problems. And when it comes to Bollywood actresses, mothers have always played a very important role. On this Mother’s Day, Seerat Kapoor, like the rest of us, shares a few memories with her mother. Upcoming in bollywood and well known from the south industry, actress Seerat Kapoor on talking about an incident where she went above and beyond to honor her mother says,
“Not a single day goes by when I am not reminded of her strength, grace, stability and the ability to take on life with a confident smile! When I observe mom own her life, I feel no doubt that I can too. She’s the real star and my greatest inspiration. I’m just her loyal fan. The actress also goes on to say, “Everything I have achieved in life has been because of her consistent support, love and encouragement. She calls me her battery, it’s actually the other way round!” On sharing about her favourite childhood memory, the actress said,
“Too many to choose! Moms spoilt me silly all through childhood, buying me some of the most unique outfits. I also learnt through that journey, sometimes even money can’t buy taste. I enjoy wearing brands but would carry any outfit, so long as it connects with me creatively. Mom introduced me to fashion and taught me how important it is to build an individual taste. Who knew today, it would become my extended identity”. Seerat also said, one ideal wish of her mother, that she is looking forward to complete, “Honestly, she’s very excited about.
My bollywood debut and can’t wait for my film Maarich to release. I have both my fingers and toes crossed, I would love to give her that experience! Lastly, how are you going to make this Mother’s Day special for your mom? the actress said, Oops! High chances she’s reading your interview, you’ll know soon! On the professional front, Seerat Kapoor was last seen in a music video alongside Badshah in Slow Slow where the actress acclaimed a huge appreciation. Seerat debuted in Tollywood with the film “Run Raja Run” in 2014 and has since acted in films such as.
“Tiger,” “Columbus,” “Raju Gari Gadha 2,” “Maa Vintha Gadha Vinuma,” “Krishna and His Leela,” and many others. Fans are eagerly expecting Seerat Kapoor’s Bollywood debut in Maarrich, with renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah and the handsome Tusshar Kapoor. The actress will star in Dil Raju’s forthcoming Telugu film as a leading lady. Aside from that, the actress has already received interesting projects from leading Bollywood filmmakers and we can’t wait to see what Seerat Kapoor signs next.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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