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I believe finding happiness and joy in small things can reduce our stress and pain- Samer Singh Dawar

Mumbai, 2 May 2022 (UTN). He says,”They say laughter is the best medicine not for the sake of it, but because it is scientifically proven fact that it’s an integral factor for self care and living healthy. Our daily life brings in a lot of negative thoughts, pressure, failures and sadness leading to an emotional turmoil. Because of these, one forgets to laugh. I believe finding happiness and joy in small things can reduce our stress and one’s pains both mental as well as physical.” He adds,”It is a necessity for me to deal with everyday chaos. That happens in life and to be honest, I find little moments of joy to make myself laugh.”
So with whom you feel the the funniest? “Generally with my old friends or family members – just chatting to them fills me with joy. I have read “time flies with true friends” – it is actually a reality. Moreover, many times with these groups, you are taken back to numerous nostalgic moments of life which happened maybe out of childhood goofiness or innocence or were mere accidental but thinking about it, always leaves you in splits.” Singh also shares an incident. “One such incident dates back to 2017, when I was performing in London for an event around Christmas. I was supposed to do a duet dance in front of a huge live audience and not once but numerous times.
Now, the dance included a few gymnastics moves like a cartwheel, some flips etc. We could not try out our costumes beforehand due to some delays and when we got them on the day, my bottoms came out to be a bit tight. We had no choice but to go ahead with what we have and next thing you know, in my 3rd performance, the trouser was torn apart and I had to continue the routine with a wardrobe malfunction. Post the performance I changed to a spare costume which again got torn by the time I finished performing the 5th time. On this instance, it was during a cartwheel which lead to an even bigger wardrobe malfunction.
Next thing you know I decided to wear my own track pant, which was not in sync with the costume. We had to carry on the show and somehow we got through with it. It was an incident of bad luck maybe and although the first time, it was really embarrassing as this was something I never experienced before, this incident always comes up and leaves us in splits. Samer tries to find out joy in the smallest moments. He adds,”Finding joy in the smallest moments, even if it’s in a negative situation. It not just helps you to have mental peace and stay healthy, but also allows you to learn, grow mature and develop an attitude of acceptance.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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