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Bollywood film Love In Ukraine director says Ukrainian lead actor stuck in conflict zone, three actors missing

Mumbai-27 April 2022 (UTN). The Ukraine and Russia War is raging on and filmmakers and artistes from around the world are worried for the safety of their colleagues based in Kyiv. Filmmaker Nitin Kumar Gupta, who recently shot the film Love In Ukraine, has revealed that three actors from his team have gone missing and that his film’s female lead, Lizabeta is stuck at the Ukraine border. In an interview with a news portal, Gupta revealed that they have plans to bring Lizabeta to India so she can participate in the promotions of the upcoming film.
Actor Vipin Kaushik plays movie’s male lead and the cast includes several Ukrainian actors like NKG, Mikhael Striga, Lolita Zhuravlova, Roman Batrin, Ruslan Seferov, Olesya Dmitrenco, Irma Balan, Konstantin Shriyaev, Vladimir Didenco and Sergey Pschenichniy. The film’s team has been trying to stay in touch with their entire Ukrainian cast, but threw of them have been untraceable.Gupta also revealed that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky helped out the crew during their shoot, just before the Ukraine-Russia conflict kickstarted.
So much so, that the country provided extra security to the entire crew as they shot most of their film in and around Kyiv city. The story of the film features an Indian student who falls in love with a Russian girl. Gupta had plans of shooting one schedule in Russia too but that could not be done due to the mounting tensions between the two countries. ANI also reported that Love In Ukraine will likely get a free release in the worn-torn country to promote international relations between India and the European nation. The film releasing by Vivek Films Production house.
Mumbai-Reporter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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