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The audience is really reacting very strongly to Vanraj- Sudhanshu Pandey

Mumbai, 04 April 2022 (UTN). Sudhanshu Pandey’s portrayal of Vanraj Shah in Rajan and Deepa Shahi’s “Anupamaa” is touted to be one of the most complicated characters on TV. In the show, Vanraj is back to his egoistic, mean self, and is doing everything that he can do to make it big. Talking about that he said, “The new changes in my characters are working pretty well because I think the audience is really reacting very strongly to Vanraj of late because of his focused and ruthless kind of attitude that he’s had.

“He is definitely very focused and it’s his single-minded determination, and his will and his agenda that he has to make it big by hook or by crook. The only reason behind all that he wants to do in his life are his kids and his family. So the focus is very clear and he just wants to do it,” he added. While Sudhanshu has set a benchmark when it comes to his performance, his portrayal definitely earns him negative comments.

Asked how he keeps himself positive, he said, “Vanraj from the beginning has had a love-hate relationship with the audiences and Sudhanshu Pandey keeps himself positive by doing his prayers three times a day, by remembering Mahakal. I feel it’s the things that you truly believe in that keeps you positive. That is what gives you strength and that is what keeps you going. So as long as there is faith, there is always a positive attitude. And the love-hate relationship or the hatred that comes from the audience is very important because if they don’t hate Vanraj Shah, they will not need to love anybody else. They love other characters only because of the hatred that is created by Vanraj Shah,” Sudhanshu concluded.
Mumbai-Repoter,( Hitesh Jain ).

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